About Us

Who is Ezer, and how do we relate to her

Azar Ezer is a scalp and hair growth serum that targets healing first and hair growth second. Why? Because growth is the byproduct of healing. When you heal the skin underneath and care for the roots that hold every strand, thicker, stronger, and faster hair growth is the result. Such as life. In the beginning, e Most High created Ezer, or who many of us call Eve. When The Most High made man’s helpmeet, He named her Ezer, which means “helpmeet” support, protect, and guard in Hebrew. As women, we are the support systems of the world. Whether we be single, married, mothers, or aunties. We are the Ezer’s (helpmeet) of our community. Being the gatekeepers of the culture and the lioness when the ones we love are threatened. Likewise, the men in our lives know they can lean on us to keep them grounded, motivated and show them the reflecting of themselves. We are created so we can all sustain growth together. At’s love, that’s Azar Ezer; it’s the balance between fight and femininity.


How the serum works

Azar Ezer is a hair regeneration serum that alleviates scalp and skin irritations. We use vegan ingredients researched and tested to target the hair root to provide nutrients. We use what the earth offers to naturally balance skin and scalp issues while taking advantage of plant growth factors for increased hair growth. Because in both plants and hair, change begins at the root, and skin must be cared for consistently. Every herb chosen has a purpose in regeneration, strength, elasticity, and health. 


How it actually works 

Azar Ezer’s purpose is to maintain the integrity of every ingredient throughout the curating process, so the serums can deliver all the healing components uncompromised. Serums are soaked in herbs and oils for months at a time under the natural heat of the Sun. This guarantees authentic and trustworthy marinating processes; this is the basics of vitamin-infused oils. Azar Ezer serums and how we make them repair damaged, thicken hair, slow down greying, stop shedding, and much more. Each herb is chosen for specific hair and skin goals. Our ingredient list is so good that eating the plants or drinking the herbs listed has impressive wellness benefits. Everything we put on our skin and hair should also be wholesome and safe to consume.